Basic Training, how does it work?

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EU Certified Training Programme EN-16489-1

This Training Programme (12 sections) will provide the knowledge required so that sunbed operators can say with confidence “Yes, we are trained to operate our sunbeds to care for the welfare of our customers”

Read through the text, section after section, and try to understand and memorize the information. 

+ The videos -when available- can act as a support to understand the text.

+ The different chapters are available for download, like that it doesn’t get lost and you can re-read it or print it

+ You always have a direct link to the MC questions after every section to test your knowledge.


Take the Multiple Choice Tests AFTER finishing the basic training sections.
You'll only get one chance to do them right


If you have any questions throughout the training, please Contact Us.



Basic Training, how does it work?

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For more information click on the logos of the certified National Training Providers

Austria (Solarienfachausbildung, SFA)
Netherlands (Samenwerking Verstandig Zonnen)
The Sunbed Association

European Sunlight Association a.s.b.l.
Boulevard Saint-Michel 65
1040 Brussels

+32 (0)2 881 0925
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